Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chinese on the Goldfields

The Chinese were treated very unfairly compared to the Europeans. One example is that the Chinese had to pay tax when they landed in Victoria while the Europeans didn't. The Victorian government was worried about too many Chinese flooding into the goldfields and sending most of the gold back to China. The Chinese avoided this tax by landing in Port Adelaide and then walk across the border to Victoria.

Near gold mines there were often notices saying '' Any Chinesemen found past this point will be shot''. The Europeans often burnt Chinese miner's tents and stole all the gold that the Chinese had found.

At the end of the gold rush some Chinese miners returned to China but some remained in Australia



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nice one tianyi

did many chinese people die?

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good for you to do that topic Tianyi. They were very mean to the CHinese.


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How many people died?

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Nice work Tianyi!!!! Who many Chinese people stayed in Australia? And why would they stay when they were treated so badly?

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